How do you train and share knowledge within your organization?

Capture the knowledge of your experts and
build it into an integrated training experience.

All in One Corporate Training Platform

Corporate / Industry Knowledge

Corporate/Industry Knowledge

Capture corporate knowledge before it walks out the door

Enhanced Training Impact

Enhanced Training Impact

Expand your training from within your organization.

Groups and

groups communities

Organize your training for teams, groups, or departments

Designed for scenario-based training

The Convene All in One Platform Includes:

Learning Management System

A Learning Management System (LMS) that includes tools for successfully educating people through a collaborative process.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage your contacts, meetings, and personal notes through the simple customizable Convene Connect CRM.

Project / Task Management

Manage your own tasks, projects, or entire team inside Convene Collab.


Our document management system allows you to house documents to share with your group in multiple places.

Why Convene Business Training?

Convene Business Training is designed to help with that learning process. The days of going through a narrated power point slide and taking a multiple choice test are no longer good enough.

Use the knowledge and experience of your staff to build your training

You have people who have succeeded, and if you asked them they could tell you about their failures. Within the Convene learning process you will be able to share the good decisions and learn from the bad so they will not be repeated. Convene will guide you through a scenario-based training processes used in the military every day.

Convene Training has presented to many corporations and groups including:

US Air Force
US Navy
NC EM Today
Guilford College Athletics

Learning should not be a mind-numbing process.

Veteran owned and operated business