Training the Trainers Course

Your organization is made of experts

Maybe you already have an established training program that does not need changing.

Convene Training will take your training to the next level.

Convene will teach your trainers to implement strategies that will allow you to harness the expertise within your company.

Training Application Customized to fit Your Business Needs

Imagine if your organization had their own customized training application that allowed you to create a database of lessons learned.

Based on years of proven success in training in high demand/dynamic training environments, the Convene Training platform is designed to empower your organizational and training experts by enhancing their ability transfer of knowledge and experience across the entire organization, through our simple to use tools and resources.

Convene Business Training Platform for businesses

Save time and money training your employees so your company can focus on growth.

Training Includes:

  • Convene Application set up prior to our arrival so that we build your initial training library of lessons learned scenarios. We will work hand in hand with your trainers to make sure that we meet your ever need as we shift the way that you train.
  • On site training or virtual training
  • Understanding Decision Making and Scenario Based Training: Convene Training will not just hand you a training application and walk away. We are there every step of the way. We will teach you the foundation of decision making and scenario based training will help your organization create a training program that is shifting the culture of how we learn on corporate America.
  • Basic Fundamentals of the Convene Training Application:
    – Scenario Writing
    – Creating Users
    – Setting up Groups
    - Project Management
    - CRM
    – Implementing an established training program within the Convene Training Application


This one to two day course is taught on site to your trainers or a group your employees.

The benefit of teaching it to your trainers first and also a group is that your organization can and will be off and running with a substantial library of lessons learned.

Your expertise is already working for you. How can you capture your experience and knowledge?

Matthew Currin

This course is taught by Matthew Currin

Matthew Currin is a coach, trainer, consultant, and motivational speaker that specializes in providing a real perspective on the importance of time-critical decision-making and ‘Sharing of Experience and Knowledge.’
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