How does your organization transfer experience and knowledge to others?

The Convene Business Application offers a method of learning that can be done away from the classroom through scenario-based learning.

  • Share video, pictures, blogs and graphic images about different organizational/industry scenarios.
  • Individuals can browse the organization/industry and learn to tackle situations based off of actual real world experiences.
  • Company Trainers can grow their training libraries by working with other training officers around the world.
  • The possibilities for shared learning through the Convene Training Application are endless.
Convene training course

Your company decides what categories and groups you want to create.

  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Other

Convene adds a new dimension to your company training

Your organization already has training programs in place. The Convene App offers your company a platform that allows you to apply Scenario Based Training to your training. Your organization will build an ever growing database of lessons learned through interactive learning. Nobody wants to be unprepared. Now we can learn from the true experts- EACH OTHER!

Based on years of proven success in training in high demand/dynamic training environments, the Convene Training platform is designed to empower your organizational and training experts by enhancing their ability transfer of knowledge and experience across the entire organization, through our simple to use tools and resources.


Group calendarsGroup announcements

Group ForumsUnlimited Syllabi

Document sharingSurvey and Quizzes

Scenario Based TrainingScenario Based Training

Scenario Based TrainingShared Learning Platform

Scenario Based TrainingLibrary of Lessons Learned

Scenario Based TrainingAnonymous Answer System

Scenario Based TrainingCapture Knowledge

Scenario Based TrainingGroups and Subgroups

Every industry has a need to develop strong, efficient decision makers.

Shifting the Culture of Shared learning.