How does your organization transfer experience and knowledge to others?

Capture corporate knowledge before it walks out the door

Convene training course

Build a library of training from lessons learned

Create organizational/industry scenario training using a customizable template that includes presentations, quizzes, surveys, discussion boards, and lessons learned sections.

Avoid repeating costly mistakes

Mistakes can cost millions of dollars. Share the lessons learned across your company quickly to maximize prevention.

Experiencial learning from a decision-making point of view

Individuals  learn to tackle situations based off  real world experiences.

Training that makes you think

Open ended questions require critical thinking when giving a response unlike typical multiple-choice answers.

Decision Makring

Project Management

Project Management Component

Train and manage your team in the same place. Convene Training comes with project management capability.

Manage Your Team and Business Contacts

Send a message to your team, create a team message board, and use the CRM built into the platform.

Organize your training by teams, groups, or departments

  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • New Employee Training

Every industry has a need to develop strong, efficient decision makers.

Convene adds a new dimension to your company training

Your organization already has training programs in place. The Convene App offers  a platform to apply Scenario Based Training to your training.

Build an ever growing database of lessons learned through interactive learning. Nobody wants to be unprepared. Now we can learn from the true experts- EACH OTHER!

Based on years of proven success in training in high demand/dynamic training environments, the Convene Training platform is designed to empower your organizational and training experts.

It enhances their ability to transfer  knowledge and experience across the entire organization, through our simple-to-use tools and resources.


Shifting the Culture of Shared learning.

Group calendarsGroup announcements

Group ForumsUnlimited Syllabi

Document sharingSurvey and Quizzes

Scenario Based TrainingScenario Based Training

Scenario Based TrainingShared Learning Platform

Scenario Based TrainingLibrary of Lessons Learned

Scenario Based TrainingAnonymous Answer System

Scenario Based TrainingProject Management

Scenario Based TrainingCapture Knowledge

Scenario Based TrainingGroup Discussion Boards

Scenario Based TrainingGroups and Subgroups

Scenario Based TrainingCRM