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Sharing Our Experience and Knowledge

Blending Motivation and Methodology

Recognized for the ability to blend motivation and methodology, Convene Training events have changed people. Best known for their training on advanced strategies for time-critical decision making; Convene Training has become famous for two things: their personal experience in Marine Aviation and the ability to translate that into comprehensive, actionable content.

We all have experiences whether that life experiences or within our organizations. The key is to be able translate that into better decisions. We often see people and organizations make the same mistakes over and over. Convene Training offers unique courses. These course range from 2 hours to a full 2 days.

Our team is available for on-site training on the Convene Business Application as well as the following topics:

Marine Helicopter Crash

“12 Seconds Changed Everything”
Time Critical Decision Making

The primary purpose of Time Critical Decision Making is to help individuals and teams better understand how great teams solve problems in a crisis, and thus reduce human error. Our emphasis is on individual and team decision making. This is not a charm school for individuals and teams; this is a program that provides a common frame of reference for evaluating and further developing skills integral in future training and job performance.

This is a program that provides a common frame of reference for evaluating and further developing skills integral to future training and job performance.

Training The Trainers

Imagine if your organization had their own customized training application that allowed you to create a database of lessons learned. You will save time and money training your employees and your company can focus on growth. Based on years of proven success in training in high demand/dynamic training environments, the Convene Training platform is designed to empower your organizational and training experts by enhancing their ability transfer of knowledge and experience across the entire organization, through our simple to use tools and resources.

Matthew Currin training
Convene training course

Section Integrity Leadership Academy

This two day course will do a deep dive into leadership like you have never experienced before. As a body of knowledge, Section Integrity Leadership Academy focuses on providing both individuals and organizations access to new and innovative principles, practices, and strategies for organizational leadership, resource management, and decision-making. We mass years of experience and proven solutions for leadership, resource management, and decision-making at all organizational levels.

Our approach is simple. We work with our customers to find out what is important to their organization, and then utilizing the “Section Integrity” principle, we provide perspective and insight based on years of proven performance in highly dynamic, high-stress environments. We then assist our customers in defining tailored, meaningful strategies for responding their own individual organizational challenges and environments.