Matthew Currin

Matthew Currin

Matthew regular speaks on topics such as:

  • Communication
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Lessons Learned Through Real World Experience
  • Teamwork
  • Time-Critical Decision Making
  • Transfer of Experience and Knowledge

With over 16 years of experience in training, Matthew’s custom presentations will be a great addition to the lineup of speakers at your next industry trade show or as a guest speaker at your upcoming company event. His training is inspiring, exciting and informative; every industry has a need to develop better and more efficient decision makers.

Every industry has a need to develop strong, efficient decision makers.

Available programs range from 2 hours up to two complete days. Contact him for customized courses to fit your needs and specializes in Key Note Speeches.

Matthew’s ability to translate his experiences will captivate audiences as they learn how making better decision can improve all aspects of their life. Beyond that your audience will learn key ‘Decision Making’ principles they will immediately apply on the job and everyday life. The tailoring of the presentation to your situation virtually guarantees this.

How does your organization transfer that experience and knowledge to others?

Stand up training alone is not enough

When Matt was a Weapons and Tactics Instructor in the Marine Corps a major part of his focus was spent creating and implementing a Scenario Based Training for his tactical squadron and the V-22 Osprey program. Organizations outside of the military are no different than the military.

What is missing in today in organizations is the ability to capture the expertise, lessons learned and corporate knowledge that they already have on hand. The Convene Business Application has been developed to allow organizations to use scenario-based training just like the military. The customizable features of the app will allow Companies to train their individuals at an accelerated rate. The bottom line is that it will allow companies to share their experience and knowledge from within.


To inquire about booking Matthew for training or a Convene Application Demonstration,
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