Traditional Training vs Convene Business Training

Convene Business Training

Convene Business Training application offers scenario-based training. Employees are presented with a situation in each training experience and asked what they would do in the situation. They answer several open ended questions which allow them to think more about the situation and use critical thinking in giving a response - vs just answering a multiple choice question. Every experience ends with a lessons learned which is the most important part.

Consistently adding experiences also allows the training to stay fresh and new. For example, if you have safety training for your employees and recently had an incident - that can be turned into a new experience you can require your entire team to take to avoid that mistake being repeated in the future. Over time you are building training that specifically fits your business' needs.

Traditional Training

Most traditional training is what we consider "put a check in the box" training. In the process of going through these mind-numbing classes, the participant will often sit through a narrated class and answer a few multiple choice questions in the process just to ensure he was listening.

At the completion of the course, the participant will be tested with a multiple choice test to check his/her knowledge. Upon completion, the participant is awarded with a year of not having to "check the box" until the following year. As soon as the training is complete, the participant experiences a ‘brain dump’ of everything that just allowed them to pass the test. They didn't really learn a thing in the process but instead memorized a few facts for duration of the training class. The following year this process will repeat with the same classes, the same check in the box, and the same brain dump. This process is repeated over and over throughout the corporate world without your employees working through any critical thinking skills.

Convene Training changes the way the we train, and allows your employees to go through a critical-thinking, shared-learning process.

The importance and advantage of scenario-based training

Having flown over 650+ Air Medical patient flights, I have witnessed how medical crews handle some of the most difficult patient scenarios. These patients' lives depend on the time-critical decisions that the medical crews make. I have also taught one of the largest power companies in the United States how to harness their lessons learned so that they do not make the same mistakes that had cost their company millions of dollars.

The ability to use critical thinking skills cannot be overstated.

No matter what industry you are, you can benefit from reorganizing your training methods that require critical thinking rather than just striving for the less effective "check in the box" training. The Convene Business application allows you to harness your corporate expertise and lessons learned before it walks out of the door.

Whether you are trying to save lives or dollars,
Convene Business Training is the solution for your training needs.

Your company can use the Convene Training application to walk your employees through a critical decision-making process. Years of expertise and knowledge can be captured and built into a training program that benefits current and future employees.

After your employees complete the ‘experience’ process, you will still have the options to give them a test, do a survey, or print a completion certificate to complete the compliance process.

Learning should not be a mind numbing process.

It should be an engaging process where your employees come away knowing more that they did than before they started by learning from others' experience and knowledge!