Why Convene Training?

How do you capture your corporate knowledge or lessons learned?

In the military when we were planning for a mission we would go through a planning process. At times this process would takes days and it would include rehearsals before we would actually execute the mission. Other time we would complete a ‘rapid planning process’ and we would execute the mission based off of our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).

In 2001, I found myself in Afghanistan leading some of the initial missions of Operation Enduring Freedom. Many of these missions were executed with the special forces from the US and other countries. You can imagine the nature of some of these missions. There was always a constant with these missions. There was a planning phase, briefing, execution phase and a debriefing. In all of the missions that I did in the Marine Corps there was never a mission where we returned and said, ‘that was a perfect mission.’

There were always lessons learned and ways that we knew we could do it better. It was always necessary to take these learning points and incorporate them into our next mission.

Convene Business Training

This process is no different than your business.


Convene Business Training is designed to help with that learning process. The days of going through a narrated power point slide and taking a multiple choice test are no longer good enough.

Use the knowledge and experience of your staff to build your training

You have expertise on hand. You have people who have succeeded and I beat if you asked them they would tell you about their failures. Within the Convene learning process you will be able to share the good decisions and learn from the bad so they will not be repeated. Convene will guide you through a scenario-based training processes used in the military every day.

Have you ever asked someone the question, ‘if you were on this situation, how would you handle it?’ Let Convene show you how to harness your corporate knowledge.